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Over 11,000 international development recruiters post their jobs with

Over 1380 jobs were filled through DevNetJobs Network in 2009.

DevNetJobs newsletter goes to over 230,000 international development colleagues, and to over 11,000 international development recruiters who post their jobs with us.


Colleagues searching for jobs and consultancy opportunities can broadcast their Resumes in our international development jobs newsletter. The Resume will also be linked under the "Latest Resumes" column on the Homepage for 15 days for maximum visibility.

Please Note:

1. The maximum length of the Resume is 180 words and should be in plain text format. The text should contain an email id and/or a weblink to allow interested people to contact you.
2. The link description to your Resume to be posted under the "Latest Resumes" column on DevNetJobs homepage should not exceed 20 words.
3. The payment of USD 49 has to be made in advance of circulating and posting of your resume. 


Click here to make USD 49 payment for your 180 words resume broadcast


and, email your (maximum) 180 words Resume and a (maximum) 20 words Link Description to after making the payment, along with the order number you will receive after a successful credit card transaction. has the exclusive right to approve / disapprove resumes to be posted on its website and mailing list.

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