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Click here to read's Spotlight August 2002: An interview with Vidyakar


Vidyakar is a unique person who has demonstrated the power of the  individual initiative. He founded Udavum Karangal ( which means “Helping Hands” in 1983. Today the organization provides shelter and succor to 1,800 newborns, abandoned children, ill and destitute persons, with the aim of rehabilitation. It is funded entirely by voluntary donations and helping hands: no government help is sought.


Vidyakar began his career as a Social Worker in a slum in Chennai. Udavum Karangal traces its roots to the day a rickshaw puller brought in a baby boy who had been abandoned in a cinema hall. Vidyakar felt impelled to take care of the baby. From such a humble beginning, the organization today has five centers and fifty dedicated volunteers giving succor to those most in need: the abandoned, the dying, the disabled, the HIV+, and the mentally ill. There is a home for the dying, a children's village, a home for women in distress, a love basket for abandoned infants, and more.


Udavum Karangal has many projects lined up awaiting financial assistance, including housing and a classroom for children, a computer, sports and music equipment, and an ambulance.


Start today, become a Helping Hand Yourself!


Click here to find out what about your role as a Helping Hand to help Udavum Karangal help others. You could give a Gift of Education, Gift of Food, Gift of Clothes or Gift of Health.