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"Helping Hand" of the Month - July 2008

Not doing well at school? Depressed with your report cards? Here is what Brendan MacCarthaigh, an Irish priest who has made India his home, would say, “Whether you get big marks or small marks or high grades or low, you are still the same lovely youngster. It is only a mark on a page. Your subjects have almost nothing to do with your life, your relationships have. If you are getting on even fairly well with family, friends and teachers, you are a great young person. All the rest is unimportant.” Click here to read about SERVE, the only NGO in India committed to the elimination of suffering from the classrooms of India. In a country where nearly 24% of all suicides are committed by children who fail in examinations, the importance of its work cannot be over-emphasised.

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Human behaviour today must be changed if we do not want nature to be angry with us. So says Heng Monychenda, Director and Founder of Buddhism for Development (BFD). BFD is a Cambodian NGO that was established in 1990 by Buddhist monks in Thai border camps with the aim of helping the people of Cambodia resettle into a peaceful society after nearly 30 years of conflict. This year BFD celebrated its 15th anniversary in promoting socially-engaged Buddhism in Cambodia. Read about what working towards a 'Dhammocratic Society' means in a country that has over 4000 monastries, and where people are still coming to terms with the deadly legacy of the past. Click here to read about Buddhism for Development

Updated July 2008