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South Asia Regional Coordinator
 Climate Parliament

 Location: New Delhi
 Last Date: September 30, 2011



Vacancy: South Asia Regional Coordinator, New Delhi

Responsible for: India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka

Location: New Delhi

Contract: 3 years

Working arrangements: Full-time, working from home with extensive regional travel and regular work in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

Closing date: 5pm IST on September 30th 2011.

The Climate Parliament is a global network of legislators working to accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. We raise awareness among MPs of the dangers of global warming, and of the risks of relying on finite supplies of fossil fuels. We support legislators in taking political, legislative and budgetary initiatives to promote solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, geothermal and other forms of renewable energy.

In the nations of the Indian subcontinent, we are highlighting the region's vast renewable potential. We believe that India in particular has the capacity to become a world leader in clean energy. With high solar radiation, good locations for both solar thermal power plants and large-scale photovoltaic energy, low production costs and world-class engineers, India could become a key player in the global solar industry.

In all regions of the world, we are stressing the importance of new grids to enable the transition to renewables. Regional supergrids can link together the areas with the most abundant renewable resources – solar power in deserts, hydropower in the mountains, wind power on windy coastlines – to create a reliable supply of energy for everyone. For off-grid villages, mini-grids can enable them to harness local energy resources such as solar, biomass and small hydro. We are also pressing for more ambitious national targets for renewable energy, and stronger financial incentives for investment in the sector.

The Climate Parliament is based in Europe, and is chaired by Sir Graham Watson MEP, a senior member of the European Parliament. In developing countries we are collaborating closely with the UN Development Programme. While the Climate Parliament helps MPs to get organised and take initiatives in their parliaments, UNDP provides technical advice to assist the MPs in developing their initiatives.

The Regional Coordinator will be assisted by our India Programme Officer. He or she will work under the direction of the Climate Parliament's Secretary-General, who is based in the UK. The compensation package will be substantial by non-profit standards, and includes payments into a pension scheme and other benefits.

Person specification:

• Good university degree in a relevant discipline;

• Preferably 10 years or more of relevant work experience;

• Familiarity with policy-making processes at a high level;

• Knowledge and experience of energy policy issues;

• Experience of managing staff;

• Strong writing skills in English;

• Co-operative, team worker;

• Ambitious about policy change: in this organisation, a desire to help change the world is an asset, and ambitious objectives are not discounted as unrealistic. We don’t like to hear “it can’t be done”!

• Women candidates are encouraged to apply.

Job description – the Regional Coordinator will:

• Maintain close contact with the excellent cross-party group of MPs who make up our existing Climate Parliament group in India, and continue to build up the group's membership.

• Through occasional visits to Colombo, Dhaka, Kathmandu and Thimphu, plus phone and email contact, build up a network of interested MPs across the region. We may also develop contacts with MLAs in key Indian states.

• Create a Steering Committee of MPs and an Advisory Group of experts in India, and explore the creation of similar groups in the other countries.

• Working with expert advisers, identify opportunities for parliamentary action to advance the Climate Parliament's goals.

• Assist MPs in arranging and preparing meetings with heads of government, Ministers and officials, and in drafting Parliamentary Questions, letters to Ministers or policy proposals.

• Liaise with our partner the United Nations Development Programme to facilitate technical advice on legislative and policy initiatives.

• Participate with colleagues in other regions in the preparation of an international Handbook for Legislators and occasional briefing papers for MPs covering the renewable energy potential of different regions, the need for new grids, and ways to strengthen incentives for renewable energy.

• Organise occasional international parliamentary committee hearings, and arrange participation by MPs in the annual inter-regional Climate Parliament Forum.

• Raise funds from development agencies, business leaders and foundations to expand the Climate Parliament's work in the region.

• Explore joint initiatives by heads of government in the region, possibly as part of a global head of government initiative, to promote regional supergrids and large-scale renewable energy trading across borders.

• Carry out any other tasks which the Climate Parliament may require.

To apply, please send a CV (resumé) and covering letter as .PDF attachments to , with “South Asia Regional Coordinator” as the subject line. Please ensure your CV contains full contact details, including a telephone number. Please state where you first saw this job advertisement.

You can download this job ad as a PDF here.

You can download a description of the Climate Parliament as a PDF here.

For more information about the Climate Parliament, please visit




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