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 ToR: Developing an Animation Film on Sanitation and Hygiene for Primary school children

 Location: Madanpur Khaddar & Badarpur
 Last Date: September 30, 2011
 Email: (Reference:


Require Resource agency/ Consultant on the following terms and conditions

Please Apply! 

Terms of Reference (ToR)

Developing an Animation Film on Sanitation and Hygiene for Primary school children of Madanpur Khaddar & Badarpur
 CASP-Plan Delhi 

Community Aid & Sponsorship Program (CASP) is a national level voluntary organization working in urban slums and rural areas of different states. CASP in collaboration with Plan India has been involved in community development in the urban slums of Delhi through its sponsorship program. The major thrust areas are child protection, education, health, education, water and sanitation and livelihood. CASP focuses on the development of the children, family and community through the prioritized program domains. CASP as an organization has the experience of working in the urban slums for the last 20 years. 

Presently, CASP-Plan has been working in Badarpur and Madanpur Khadar. Being a child-focused organization CASP-Plan has been involved in the integrated development of the children. CASP-Plan’s interventions include a wide range of activities towards addressing the issues which are classified under the broad heading of the following. 

  • Child Protection

·        Early childhood care & development
        Quality and Inclusive Education
        Water and Sanitation
        Household Economic Security – focusing on youth and women

  • Children’s Participation
  • Networking & linkages

In its Water, Sanitation and Environment program, CASP-Plan has been working in schools and in the communities. In schools, CASP-Plan’s has been focussing on awareness through children’s clubs, these groups share responsibility towards keeping the school clean, further CASP-Plan has also supported renovation of toilets where needed, especially for girls. In the community, interventions on raising awareness safe drinking water, water testing, hygiene and sanitation have been regularly conducted. The communities CASP-Plan works in are urban poor and often lack basic functional amenities. In the case of Madanpur Khadar, a resettlement colony, open defecation is a common practice. The children in schools through discussions are made aware of the importance of using toilets, keeping them clean and the harmful effects when this is not done. Similarly, the importance of safe drinking water, how to ensure it is safe and handling it well to ensure it isn’t infected during handling it are points of discussions through our program in schools and in the community. 

Purpose of making animation film

As mentioned above, we are already working on awareness of basic hygiene practices in schools and in communities. In the last few years, it was felt that we need different tools to be able to communicate these messages to children more effectively. In our programs, we are often talking about usage of toilets and practices which are not common practices for children at home, and they are often introduced to it for the first time in these interventions. For effective communication of these messages to ensure that there is some level of attitude change and practice sets in with such regular inputs and discussion, we believe the tool has to be able to communicate the information in a clear, complete, simple and interesting manner to children.   

Target Audience of this film - Children in the age group 6-16 years.        

Language of the film – The voice over should be in Hindi. Subtitles in English.

Scope of work

This tool will be used for discussions in the school by the children’s club leaders and teachers with the support of a facilitator from CASP-Plan.  

The audio visual tool is expected to be a film with five sections. Each Section in itself should be complete so that one section can be shown for a session with children to initiate a discussion. 

1.      The animation film will contain five sections, each stage should not be more than five –seven minutes.

2.      The five sections for this film should be –

i.                     Usage of toilet – Indian and western style. How we use toilets for urination and defecation? The running water source should be close the toilet.

ii.                   Hand washing – After using the toilet, before and after eating. How to wash our hands?

iii.                  Safe disposal of solid and liquid waste – focusing on the child (the food the child eats, paper and other waste) and then to the school’s environment. Alternate use of waste water, rain water harvesting.

iv.                 Safe handling of water – to ensure the water is safe for drinking even after handling.

v.                   Safe handling of food – washing hands before eating, monitoring how our food is made and handled, contamination, food vendors outside the school premises, etc

3.      The selected resource agency will have to prepare a script for the film based on the ToR, interaction with children in the field and suggestion from CASP Plan and Plan India staff. The work on the film is expected to start only to finalization and approval on the script. 

Requirement from the Consultant: The team working on this project should have the technical knowledge and equipment for making an animation film. They should have some basic knowledge of Water and Sanitation issues in urban setting to be able to come up with the effective child friendly script. 

Deadline/Duration of this consultation: Interested agencies/individuals are expected to share detailed proposals with a budget by latest by 30th Sept 2011. This assigned is expected to be completed within two months of signing the contract.



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