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Are you an Academic, Career Office, Research or a NGO Institution, and would like to take up the DevNetJobs Value Membership to keep your students / staff updated about jobs and consultancy opportunities in the International Development Sector?

If yes, then take our Institutional Value Membership Service.


Taking an Institutional Value Membership ensures that your staff/students become aware of all new jobs, internships and fellowship opportunities, as and when they are received by An email would be sent to you with complete description of the job, fellowship, or internship which could be circulated in your institution. Around 20-25 such emails are posted each day.


a) more opportunities for application for your staff/students, and  

b) a cutting edge before others apply to the same opportunities (since many organizations start their decision process as soon as the resumes start pouring in or else have a short deadline). 


The automated emailing service is done through the use of  service. 

The charges for Institutional Value Membership are as following:


Institutions with upto 99 staff/ students:                     USD 600 for 3 months


Institutions with 100 to 199 staff/ students:                 USD 1000 for 3 months


Institutions with 200- 299 staff/students:                    USD 1400 for 3 months


Institutions with 300 - 399 staff/students:                   USD 1800 for 3 months


Institutions with 400 - 499 staff/students:                   USD 2200 for 3 months   


Institutions with 400 - 499 staff/students:                   USD 2500 for 3 months


Institutions with 500 - 599 staff/students:                   USD 2800 for 3 months 


Institutions with over 600 members:                         Write to for details



The payment is by Credit Card only (Master Card, Visa, AMEX, Discover) and is carried out through



Terms of Service for Institutional Value Membership


This agreement is between the subscriber of Institutional Value Membership Service (hereafter referred to as the "Client") and (hereafter referred to as the  "Service Provider").


The Client agrees to hire the Service Provider for a predetermined fee for 3 months. It is expected that the Service Provider will post the Client (to the single email address the Client provides) an average of 20-25 jobs a day for a period of 3 months.


The Service Provider will send jobs to only 1 email address of the Client. The Client in turn can make available these job postings to its agreed number of staff/ students for which the rates have been predetermined.


The Client and any of its staff/student members may NOT circulate the job postings to external list servs, mailing lists and newsgroups, which are accessible by general public. The Service provided is limited to staff/students of the institution and it is the Client's responsibility to ensure this.  


The Client accepts that the Service Provider is not a recruiter and that all the job applications / CVs / resumes should be sent directly to the recruiters and not to the Service Provider.


The Client accepts that this service is without warranty of any kind, explicit or implied. The Client assumes all risks related to the use of information provided to him or her. In no event is the Service Provider liable for any damages resulting from use or misuse of the information provided.


The Client accepts that the information provided by Service Provider will not be used for commercial purpose.


      I do not accept                                                                               

I accept and will like to pay USD 600 for Institutional Value Membership for less than 100 members


I accept and will like to USD 1000 for Institutional Value Membership for between 100 - 200 members


I accept and will like to USD 1400 for Institutional Value Membership for between 200 - 300 members


For over 300 members, write to us at:


Please note: All membership will renew automatically every 3 months. You may cancel automatic renewal anytime by writing to us at: at the time of placing the order upto 7 days before the next billing date


(Please Note: Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for services provided by DevNetJobs and the charge on your credit card will appear as

or Click here if you want to apply for Individual Value Membership.


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