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Call for applications from researchers/ research institutes
Groupe Developpement

Location: Goa, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi and West Bengal along with some parts of Bangladesh and Nepal
Last Date: June 15, 2011

Groupe Developpement, now renamed as “Acting for Life” ( ), an international child protection agency, hereby invites applications from researchers/ research institutes, for a research on the challenges in coordination among government and voluntary agencies in India on rehabilitation of trafficked victims for commercial sexual exploitation and prosecution of traffickers at source and destination areas.

The role of state agencies in providing sustainable rehabilitation including voluntary restoration, prosecution of traffickers and reintegration of the trafficked victims is extremely crucial. While not much effort have been visible in terms of inter-state or inter agency coordination for rehabilitation of the trafficked victims, the voluntary agencies have been performing the job of rehabilitation within their limited resources. This has impacted sustainable rehabilitation of the victims and increased vulnerability of getting re-trafficked into the trade. Further an important area for the successful rehabilitation of trafficked girls and prevention of trafficking of girls lies
in prosecuting the traffickers at both the source as well as destination points. This research aims to identify processes of coordination among different state stakeholders as well as between voluntary organizations within the state and between two states in India along with the inherent challenges in the process.

Further the research would find out the quality of prosecution of traffickers, gaps in the judicial systems and processes that lead to poor conviction rates of traffickers would enable in answering the questions of low conviction rate of traffickers. The findings of the research would add value to the process of lobbying with the relevant government agencies and key policy influencers to bring about changes and modification in policies to make them accountable for protection and rehabilitation of the victims.

Objectives of the Research
• Review the literature, laws, policies and rules available to understand key coordination issues and systemic gaps in prosecution

Call for proposal:
A research on the challenges in coordination among government and voluntary agencies on rehabilitation of trafficked victims for commercial sexual exploitation and prosecution of traffickers at source and destination areas
• To identify agencies/stakeholders involved in rehabilitation and protection process of rescued victims from commercial sexual exploitation situation and mechanisms & processes of coordination
• To understand the impact of coordination or lack of coordination on rehabilitation of the victims
• To assess victim and witness protection measures used in trafficking cases, in terms of their impact on trafficked girl and her rights
• To identify the profiles of the prosecuted traffickers and examine the rate of prosecution and conviction against the kingpins of the trafficking and prostitution rackets.
• To examine and document the processes of inter-state communications between source and destination states in India and between India, Bangladesh and Nepal with respect to prosecution of traffickers.
• To identify gaps/challenges in the coordination processes for rehabilitation of victims and prosecution of traffickers among government and non government agencies, between government agencies in the same state and inter – state coordination respectively
• To propose recommendations for swift and efficient coordination mechanisms for better rehabilitation of victims and prosecution of traffickers keeping in mind the best interests of the victims and their participation.

Locations of the research
The research would be conducted in the Indian states of Goa, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi and West Bengal along with some parts of Bangladesh and Nepal.

Key stakeholders in the research
• Partner NGOs and other NGOs working on reintegration and rehabilitation of trafficked victims in each of the state and in Bangladesh and Nepal
• Rescued and reintegrated victims and their parents
• Key officials from Ministry and department of Women and Child Development
• Key officials from Ministry of home and law enforcement agencies in India, Bangladesh and Nepal
• Key officials from Ministry and department of Social Welfare
• Key subject experts on rehabilitation and legal action in South Asia
• Representatives of Child protection agencies such as CWCs, NCPCR, SCPCRs, etc.

Researchers or institutes shall have to provide the following elements during the course of research or at the end of the research.
• A report on review of literature: Researchers/institution will submit a report on the review of the literature.
• All the questionnaire/ FGD developed for the purpose of the study Researchers/institution will be required to submit the tools developed for the study before it goes to field.
• Summary of the report’s findings: Researchers/institution shall submit a preliminary finding of the research in each stage of field visits. Researcher will be required to submit a draft version of the reports for review prior to
submission of final version.
• Final report with detailed analysis: Researchers/institution will submit a final report of the research with detailed analysis to Groupe Developpement SARO at the end of the research
• Data, original instruments, and other materials: Researchers/institution will be required to submit an electronic version of data, as well as the research instruments, and other medium used during the research.

The research will start no later than 1st August 2011 and be completed by no later than 30th October 2011

Profile of the researchers
This research would require a team of at least two principal researchers, one expert in social research and another expert in legal research in social sector.

How to submit the proposal
If you are interested to conduct the research, please send the proposal and letter of interest in the attached format through email at and latest by 15th June 2011



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