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Water & Sanitation for Development & Emergencies
12 - 24 February, 2007
Fort Dauphin, Madagascar

This course is tailored for those interested in starting a career in water and sanitation, while also being useful for those already working for NGOs who find they lack basic technical and theoretical background.

This course provides a broad overview of technical and theoretical aspects of water and sanitation projects in development situations and emergencies. Practical sessions are included in the course (e.g. constructing a hand-dug well, jetting) and theoretical issues are always linked to real life field experiences.

The cost of the course covers all tuition, handouts, resource CDs, food, accommodation, field trips & practicals, plus an internal flight within Madagascar:

Early bird: 2,400 Euro (payment made more than 2 months prior to start date)
Standard: 2,500 Euro (payment made between 2 weeks and 2 months prior to start date)
Late snail: 2,600 Euro (payment made less than 2 weeks prior to start date)

Website where you can find curriculum / booking forms:

Contact: Eric Fewster, Director
Tel. +44 (7814) 788 846

posted on: October 04, 2005