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 EOI: Country Programme Evaluation 2011 (Livelihoods)
 GOAL India

 Last Date: August 5, 2011
 Email: (Reference:


Expression of Interest are requested from experienced and capable individuals/ agencies and Institutions to undertake an evaluation of the GOAL India Country Programme implemented during the period of 2009 -2011, as articulated in the Country Strategy Plan 2007-2011. The specific objective of the proposed evaluation will be to evaluate the progress made in terms of implementing the country strategies in delivering the “LIVELIHOODS” needs of communities that GOAL In India and its partners work with.

GOAL is an international humanitarian organization dedicated to alleviating the suffering the poorest of the poor. GOAL in India supports the overall mission of the organization by implementing poverty alleviation programmes in West Bengal, through partnerships with national NGOs with the objective of building the capacities of the poorest of the poor towards self-sustenance and self-determination, while simultaneously reducing their vulnerability to crises, neglect, abuse and exploitation. GOAL India is committed to eradication of poverty in all forms: social, economic, cultural, political etc. and has strategized investment in area based integrated programmes to address the multiple needs of individuals, households and communities in underdeveloped urban and rural areas of West Bengal.  

Under the framework of the Country Strategic Plan (2007-2011), GOAL India has been implementing the Model Villages programme with projects in the Sunderbans, Purulia, North Bengal and Murshidabad for the rural poor. The Programme for the urban poor is implemented through five projects- communities living in the and around the municipal dumps of Kolkata and Howrah, communities in settlements in the port and dock areas of Kolkata, migrant communities in brick kilns and sex workers and their children in Kolkata.

The GOAL India Country Strategic Plan (2007-2011), makes a commitment to evaluation which will focus on “the poverty impacts of the CSP 2007-2011”. To maximise the utility of such evaluations, the proposed evaluation needs to be carried out before the end of the current plan / programme period 2011.

This assignment will review, analyse and recommend the progress made by GOAL India and its partners in implementing the strategies proposed to achieve the specific objectives/outcomes of:

§  Increased family earnings leading to improved food security status.  


Individuals, agencies and institutions desirous of submitting their “Expression of Interest” for the consideration of GOAL India, should submit a brief profile of their experience and capability in undertaking the study proposed, with specific reference to the individual’s/ agency’s/Institution’s experience and capability in undertaking technically rigour , evaluations in the thematic area of “LIVELIHOODS” . The profile while brief should contain relevant experiences/accomplishments that the submitter might want to highlight, along with references of clients, values of assignments undertaken and completed, electronic links to published documents, web-sites etc. which could provide further information on the submitter.


The “Expression of Interests’ received by GOAL in India, will be reviewed by a review team who will then invite all/selected individuals/agencies/Institutions to submit a detailed proposal ( Proposal submission template will be provided by the GOAL India Field Office). The Proposals will be reviewed and a decision to award will be taken. It has been the experience of the GOAL India Field Office that often costs are over-estimated and individuals/agencies/institutions submitting proposals should submit a clear logic for costs quoted. 

The “expression of Interest” will be evaluated based on the following criteria

§  Suitability of experience, field specific and thematic

§  Suitability of qualifications

§  Known reliability in delivery of timely and quality services

§  Demonstrated understanding of the evaluation proposed

§  Knowledge of donor 

The detailed proposal will be sent to GOAL India by the 5th  of August,2011 either through e-mail  at  with subject line marked as “ EOI - GI Country Programme Evaluation 2011 ( LIVELIHOODS)”  or through post , addressed to “The Administrator” , GOAL India Field Office, 20- Southend  Park, Kolkata -700029. Please inscribe on the outside of the envelope in bold   “EOI - GI Country Programme Evaluation 2011 (LIVELIHOODS)” 



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