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BEGGING GOES Hi-Fi: Trade in your Begging bowls for Blogs

Information technology has already transformed one-half of the world and is on track to change the remaining half. And we are a witness to it, but not a mute one. Instead with each word we publish on the Internet, we are becoming a part of, and also a driving force to this information revolution.

New employment opportunities have emerged: any one for becoming a medical transcriptionist or a podcaster? New ways of doing the same thing: earning money have emerged.

Do not believe it? Well it is time you spent greater time with your personal computer and get acquainted with all that it has to offer via the Internet.

Looking for money to fund your college education? Then why do it the conventional way, filling forms, writing applications, getting references.... . Instead get started with your very own Million Dollar Homepage. http://www.milliondollarhomepage.com/ and rope in a cool million and off course, a pair of new socks so that your head stays warm to get newer ideas.

Need more money to survive, spend on self or to buy that big house you always dreamt off, then go to the market, or better create your own online market. There seems to be a market for everything online, sell widgets, sell wedges, sell spam (of the canned variety), sell tickets, sell diet pills.... even the pixels on your computer screen sells.

Heard about http://www.milliondollarweightloss.com? If not, then time to know a bit more about these natural weight loss pills. Do they work? Think so, as they must be really working for the website owner who reported bought an adspace of 1000 pixels at the Million Dollars Homepage for a cool USD 38,100.  The last time we heard, slimming down was all about losing stuff.

Too lazy to think, even lazier to put ideas to action? Then start small, and get online to start earning those loose change you are always pounding your friends for? Throw way your begging bowl and get yourself a shining Google Adsense (http://www.google.com/adsense)  enriched blog from http://www.blogger.com Your begging corner now opens up to the world and let the world inhabitants help you to your feet. And they are not as stingy as the media reports them to be. You may be raking in a daily moolah of a few cents to couple of thousand dollars each day, courtesy the adverts blending it with your website. All you need to do is to feed content to your blog and then let the blog feed you.


Goodbye Boss. My blog becomes my workplace. Still not convinced? Then my begging bowl is on auction at http://www.eBay.com !