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 Advertising on DevNetJobs.org Notice Board: Reach out to the International Development Community
DevNetJobs.org Network started in 1999. Since then it has grown tremendously and is a familiar brand in International Development Sector both with Recruiters and Job-Seekers.

There are 2 options available for advertising on DevNetJobs Network:

DevNetJobs Websites:

http://www.DevNetJobs.org  http://www.DevNetJobsIndia.org  http://www.GenevaJobs.org

DevNetJobs.org Network receives over 30,000 pageviews a day.


DevNetJobs Mailing Lists:

DevNetJobs.org mailing list is directly subscribed by over 95,000 colleagues. DevNetJobsIndia.org mailing list has over 18,000 colleagues and GenevaJobs.org mailing list has over 7,000 colleagues.

The advertising matrix below gives details of existing advertising options. We are also open to other advertising suggestions you may have. Do write to us at advertise@devnetjobs.org  with your comments and suggestions.

Advertising Options placement Details Cost
Sponsoring OF DevNetJobs Jobs Newsletter DevNetJobs Fortnightly Jobs e-Newsletter goes out to over 95,000 subscribers. This newsletter is sent out using the YahooGroups Service and is sent out as a text email.

Your sponsorship message will be placed on the top of the electronic newsletter sent out.

The sponsorship message can be of maximum 60 words, and in addition to it, it may contain a URL and an email from where people can get more information. Text format only. USD 295 for  insertion in 1 fortnightly newsletter.

USD 550 for insertion in 2 fortnightly newsletters.

USD 1000 for 4 fortnightly newsletters.

Make payment here and then send us your sponsorship advertisement to: sponsor@devnetjobs.org You may also submit your queries to this address.

Box Advertisements  

Several advertising boxes are available on the left hand column of DevnetJobs website.

Advertising boxes are available at following pages:

a. DevNetJobs Homepage

[Boxes- IA, IB, IC and ID]

b. More International Jobs Page

[Box- MA]

c. ICT for Development Jobs Page

[Box- TA]

d. Indian Jobs Page

[Box- DA]

The Size of each advertisement box is maximum 180 x 180 pixels. You can place within these boxes your text advertisements, graphics or both. The size of content of this box should not be more than 12 kb.

A clickable link can be placed within the box, so that viewers are taken to a website which gives more details of product being advertised.

The cost varies according to the box selected. The cost of each box is given inside the available box.


a. DevNetJobs Homepage

Box- IA: USD 750 for 1 month or USD 1300 for 2 months.


Box- IB: USD 600 for 1 month or USD 1000 for 2 months.


b. More International Jobs Page

Box- MA: USD 500 for 1 month or USD 800 for 2 months.


c. ICT for Development Jobs Page

Box- TA: USD 200 for 1 month or USD 350 for 2 months.


d. Indian Jobs Page

Box- DA: USD 300 for 1 month or USD 500 for 2 months.


Write to us at box@devnetjobs.org mentioning the Box space that interests you and the number of months for which you wish to use that box and then we will send you the weblink where you can make the payment. You may also submit your queries to this address.

instant NOTICE ALERTS  DevNetJobs mailing list comprises of over 95,000 email addresses.

Your Notice will be instantly sent to all the job-seekers in our mailing list within 24 hours.

Notice is sent out to the mailing as a text email. No logos or attachements can be sent out. USD 590 per job alert  and each job alert can contain maximum 3 job vacancies.

Make payment here and then send us your job alert to be circulated to: alerts@devnetjobs.org You may also submit your queries to this address.




Payment is possible only via Credit Card or Bank Transfer. Any additional USD 10 would be levied against all orders placed through wire transfer to account for wire transfer charges at our end.


All credit card transactions are handled through the firm 2Checkout.com which manages all the credit card payments for us.


DevNetJobs.org reserves the right to reject advertising content not in consonance with the mandate of this website.




For all general advertising queries, write to us at advertise@devnetjobs.org