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Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agency SenterNovem is in search of a
Senior Energy Advisor

Country: Indonesia
More information:
Closing date:
Interested parties are kindly requested to send a letter accompanied by a CV by August 1st 2008.

Job description
You will be seconded for a period of 3 years to the secretariat of the Indonesian National Energy Counsel. The Counsel, as established by the Indonesian Energy Law nr. 30 of 10 August 2007, will be responsible for national energy policies and plans, and is chaired by Indonesia’s president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. The secretariat will be headed at the Secretary General level and tentatively consists of 4 Directorate Generals. The advisor is expected to assist the secretariat in the preparation of integrated energy policies and comprehensive policy implementation programmes, and in the general capacity development of its staff. Specific focus of the energy advisor will be on renewable energy and energy conservation.

The client: Indonesia adopted its new energy law on 10 August 2007. In the Article 12 of the law, it is stipulated that National Energy Council shall be established by the President with the following duties:
•Design and formulate national energy policies to be adopted by the Government with the approval of the House of People’s Representatives as intended by Article 11 paragraph (2) of the Law;
•Develop a master plan on national energy;
•Establish responses to energy crisis and emergency conditions; and
•Monitor the implementation of cross-sectoral policies on energy.

In May 2008 the Energy Counsel Presidential Regulation No. 26 year 2008 concerning the Establishment of the National Energy Council (NEC) and the Procedure of Recruitment of National Energy Council members was issued to support the National Energy Council with its duties mentioned above, "the Head of National Energy Council will establish a General Secretariat of the National Energy Council. The Organization Structure of National Energy Council will be determined later by Head of National Energy Council."

Your position: You will be seconded to the staff of the Secretary General. You will advise on integrated energy policies and comprehensive energy programming and implementation of programmes, with a special focus on the development of renewable energy and energy conservation, and the environmental issues of energy production and consumption.

Your main tasks will be:
•Advising the Secretary General of the National Energy Council on renewable energy issues in Indonesia
•Facilitating the complex processes of integrating interests and goals of the many public and private stakeholders
•Providing support in the further development of policy on renewables and energy efficiency
•Providing necessary expertise in the field of renewables and environment to the secretariat
•General capacity development of human resources of the secretariat
•Facilitating the dissemination of information and experience within the programme from and towards SenterNovem/Netherlands
•Actively strengthen the energy relationship between Indonesia and the Netherlands.

Job demands
You should have a master’s degree in a relevant field and over 8 years experience in:
•Facilitation of complex policy processes
•Facilitation of multi-stakeholder processes
•International (renewable) energy policy issues
•Translation of abstract policies into concrete road maps and operational plans
•The design and implementation of comprehensive and integrated programmes
•Developing and implementing of training programmes
•Renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy and environment issues.

Experience in low or middle income countries, especially in Indonesia, has preference. Good intercultural and communication skills are essential. Fluency in English is required, knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia would be beneficial.

Terms of employment
Salary: maximun salary EUR 6.018,- gross a month.
You - or the organization employing you – will be contracted by SenterNovem. Your salary, depending on your experience, is set at maximum government scale 14.

SenterNovem is an agency of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. We promote sustainable development and innovation, both within the Netherlands and abroad. We aim to achieve tangible results that have a positive effect on the economy and on society as a whole. Our core competence is converting government policy into reality.

On behalf of the Dutch government we implement policy regarding:
•Energy and Climate Change
•Environment and Spatial Planning
SenterNovem also works on behalf of international organisations such as the European Union, the International Energy Agency and foreign governments. Through us these organisations gain access to a broad Dutch network of knowledge institutes, research centres, trade associations, companies and government officials. We also participate in numerous international platforms and counselling groups.

Our Energy and Climate Directorate co-ordinates since 1995 on behalf of the Dutch Government the Indonesian-Dutch Energy Working Group in close cooperation with the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta. Counterpart in the program is the Directorate General for Electricity and Energy Utilization of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Focus of the working group is on renewable energy, energy access, rural electrification and energy efficiency.