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 Technical Consultant
 Flour Fortification Initiative (FFI)

 Location: India
 Last Date: September 20, 2011
 Email: (Reference:

TOR for Technical Consultant

The Organization

The Flour Fortification Initiative (FFI) began in 2004 as a network of public, private, and civic sector partners working together to make flour fortification standard milling practice around the world. FFI is seeking a Technical Consultant. FFI works in close collaboration with agencies of the United Nations, international development agencies, milling industries and national governments. The FFI goal is for 80% of the world's flour produced in large roller mills to be fortified by 2015 so that people have more vitamins and minerals in their staple foods. Currently 60 countries require fortification of at least one type of flour. FFI estimates that about 30% of the world roller mill flour is fortified through these mandatory and other voluntary efforts.

Position SUMMARY

The Technical Consultant will be based in India and will report to FFI Director, and FFI Technical and Training Coordinator. The Technical Consultant’s primary job is to extend technical support for fortification within the flour milling industry; conduct technical sessions during workshops as needed; and keep abreast of the industry’s best international practices. The Technical Consultant will work closely with the scientific authorities and food and nutrition communities to ensure that recommended standards are technically feasible. The Technical Consultant will help country leaders establish fortification standards that comply with international guidelines and address the country’s nutrient deficiencies. As a member of the FFI global technical team, the Consultant will contribute to the overall leadership, decision-making and strategic direction of FFI and will work in collaborative and strategic manner with FFI counterparts, collaborators, national associations, industry bodies as well as senior members of the global network.   

Responsibilities Include

Under the terms of the contract, the Consultant will carry out the following activities:  

·      Visit flour mills in various countries to assess the flour fortification program. This will require frequent travel.

·      Work with country leaders to follow through on recommendations to accomplish a successful fortification program.

·      Help industry leaders in various countries train the milling staff in fortification best practices, including securing quality premix and conducting regular quality evaluations and prepare assessment report based on the findings/results as needed.     

·      Function as a resource person for training programs/workshops/ consultations for millers, food technologists, nutrition specialists and government officials

·      Develop overall understanding on wheat flour fortification and build capacity on technical, program implementation and quality assurance mechanisms

·      Provide technical and updated information to expert groups/ agencies on wheat flour fortification, process milling technology, premix compositions and specifications, quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC).  

·      Build technical capacity of regulatory personnel, government officials, development authorities and other officials engaged in implementation of flour fortification programs.

·      Recommend standards, based on World Health Organization recommendations, on wheat flour fortification based on the rate of extraction, fortificant compound and estimated per capita flour availability    

·      Participate in international/national consultations and provide technical input/ information on flour fortification 

·      Provide quality technical inputs on consequences of micronutrient deficiencies, lower productivity and endurance, measurement of appropriate quantity of the micronutrients intake through fortified flour 

·      Understand clinical and bio-chemical evidences of flour fortification and suggest correct measures in various forums

·      Master the knowledge of bio-available forms of micronutrients and selection of compounds and pre-mixes; Encourage use of the most effective nutrients

·      Identify technical and knowledge gaps of the milling industries and provide sufficient technical guidance to remedy those gaps.

·      Attend FFI-EMT meetings, CDC and Emory University Technical groups as needed

·      Attend FFI staff calls and provide latest technical updates about the ongoing assignment/task


Position location

This is a full time position and the person is expected to operate out of India in a metropolitan area with access to communication infrastructure and international airport.


·         Submit monthly and periodic reports about the activities undertaken  

·         Submit detailed training/workshop/field visit reports within ten days of the program

·         Submit technical and other such reports when requested within a stipulated time

·         Submit power point presentations for review/feedback by the FFI expert group   

Reporting obligations

·         The Technical Consultant will directly report to FFI Director and Training & Technical Support Coordinator. The Consultant will work in close coordination with FFI Global Secretariat (in Atlanta), and Coordinator of the India Flour Fortification Network.  

Required Qualifications

·         Master’s degree desired, in business, public health, milling technology, food, nutrition or other relevant discipline or equivalent work experience.

·         Significant experience (at least 10 years) in the milling industry or food industry/food fortification division 

·       Deep knowledge and experience in key foods and nutrition content areas such as: availability of nutrition, nutrition loss during processing, etc.   

·         Understanding about stakeholder engagement, wheat supply chain, milling industry environment, regional and local trade barriers

·         Experience in developing technical report and participating in strategic discussions

·         Proven leadership, including a demonstrated ability to manage large audiences and diverse groups

·         Outstanding verbal, written, and facilitation skills.

·         Willingness to undertake business travel (~ 40 - 60% time).

·         Language skills: Spoken and written fluency in English. A second European language such as French language will be a plus.

·         Capacity to work and thrive in a growing, fast-paced network organization with a collaborative environment.

·         Willingness to learn from international technical experts on aforesaid subjects and food fortification and horn the skills as expert of these areas     

·         High ethical standards and commitment to FFI core values of Leadership, Respect and Integrity.

Potential applicants may apply to Quentin Johnson, FFI Training and Technical Coordinator at  with a copy to along with your complete CV detailing your qualification and experience. For more details refer to

Last date for submitting complete application: September 20, 2011


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