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Consultancy for Grade 2 Literacy Instructional Design, Materials and Training Development

Room to Read (RtR) Laos
Location: Vientiane, Laos
Last Date: January 7, 2011
Email: (Reference:




Room to Read (RtR) Laos has been working since 2002 on four programmatic areas:
1. The Reading Room (RR) program to established libraries for promoting and developing a habit of reading and reading skills among children;
2. The Local Language Publishing (LLP) program which works with local writers and illustrators to create and published high-quality local language children’s books;
3. The School Room (SR) program which is responsible for building and renovating schools, pre-schools and libraries; and
4. The Girls’ Education Program (GEP) which aims to foster life skills through academic workshops and provides support for girls to complete secondary school.

Following a global strategic planning process in 2009, RtR will build upon this strategy of providing access to educational infrastructure through libraries, children’s books, schools and girls education, to expand work to include the delivery of quality educational programs. One of the most compelling needs in primary education is to ensure children learn to read with comprehension in the early primary grades and develop and maintain reading achievements throughout primary school. RtR has, therefore, initiated a literacy program to focus on improving children’s reading skills at the primary school stage as well as promoting the habit of reading. An important component of this program involves piloting instructional models for teaching Reading in the official language of instruction, as well as creating a supportive, literate environment to enhance reading skills and encourage the habit of reading.

To accomplish the literacy program, the RtR-Laos Office is conducting a “Literacy Pilot Project”, to design supplementary materials for enhancing teaching and learning the Lao language in Grade 1 and Grade 2. The Pilot is expected to be piloted for 3 years and aims to improve reading skills and promote children’s habit of reading.

Currently, the Literacy Pilot Project is being implemented during the Grade 1 Lao language time in 28 schools in 2 districts, Thoulakhom and KeoOudom, of Vientiane Province. The pilot will expand into Grade 2 during the 2011-2012 school year. To develop the program, Room to Read is building off of the needs identified during an ongoing Grade 2 contextual analysis to clarify an overall Grade 2 pilot strategy and outline the pilot instructional design. These processes will guide the development of instructional materials for the pilot and a comprehensive training program for teachers and school principals. This TOR provides support the RtR Country Team in Laos on the pilot design and development process.

To support the Room to Read Country Office in Laos with the Grade 2 instructional design, materials and training development process for the RtR Literacy Pilot.

1. Develop a background understanding of Room to Read Literacy pilot in Grade 1 through activities such as:
a. Taking part in an initial orientation on Room to Read’s literacy pilot;
b. Visiting schools to observe the current teaching and learning context in grade 1, such as how activities are transacted, materials are used, and practical challenges in the classroom and school;
c. Studying the grade 1 literacy pilot strategy and materials;
2. Review the grade 2 preliminary research and interact with Room to Read office and field staff to gain an understanding of the grade 2 literacy context in Laos;
3. Participate in the Grade 2 Room to Read Contextual Analysis Workshop in January/February to lay the foundation for designing the grade 2 strategy, materials and training;
4. Work in close collaboration with the RtR literacy team in developing and finalizing the grade 2 literacy pilot strategy for Laos;
5. Develop a Grade 2 instructional design for the classroom Reading period, including the content of a teachers’ guide, type of materials and activities, and timelines for progression of instruction.
6. Work in collaboration with the Literacy Program Coordinator and Country Team to develop appropriate materials for the Grade 2 literacy pilot, including drafting of materials, identifying and working with illustrators and other consultants, in addition to consultation and finalization of materials with government and partners;
7. Work in collaboration with the Literacy Program Coordinator and Literacy Team to develop a comprehensive Grade 2 literacy training program for teachers, school directors and literacy facilitators.

1. Room to Read Laos Grade 2 Literacy Pilot Strategy finalized for circulation in consultation with the government and partners;
2. Grade 2 instructional design for the classroom Reading period finalized in consultation with the government and partners;
3. A complete set of Grade 2 teaching and learning materials developed;
4. A comprehensive Grade 2 training program for teachers, school directors and literacy facilitators developed, tested and revised;

The consultancy will be carried out from January 2010 – August 2011.
Task Time frame Deliverables
Gain familiarity with the Room to Read Literacy pilot in grade 1 January 2011 • Presentation for the Grade 2 Contextual Workshop

Review the grade 2 preliminary research January 2011 • Presentation for the Grade 2 Contextual Workshop

Participate in the Grade 2 Room to Read Contextual Analysis Workshop February 2011 • Consultant workplan
Facilitate the development and finalization of the Grade 2 literacy pilot strategy February – March 2011
• Grade 2 literacy pilot strategy
Draft and finalize the instructional design for the grade 2 literacy pilot. March – April 2011 • Instructional design strategy for classroom Reading

Develop Grade 2 teaching and learning materials April – July 2011 • Complete set of Grade 2 teaching and learning materials

Develop the Grade 2 training program July – early August 2011 • Training program and materials for literacy facilitators;
• Training program and materials for teachers;
• Training program and materials for school directors;

The ideal candidate for this consultancy will have the following qualifications:
1. A Masters degree in a related field of study;
2. Background in working with literacy programs and/or teaching reading;
3. Excellent knowledge and understanding of teaching methodologies, curriculum and teacher training at the primary level;
4. Experience in materials development and conducting training programs for teachers;
5. Experience receiving and coordinating program inputs from government and international organizations;
6. Ability to work both independently and with a team;
7. A good understanding of the primary education context in Laos;
8. Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English (Lao a bonus), including the ability to write reports and present information.

The Consultant will work in close cooperation with RtR Lao Literacy Team and report directly to the RtR Lao Program Director. The Consultant and Program Director will receive support from the Country Director who will oversee the work of the TOR in collaboration with the Room to Read Regional/Global Literacy Team.

Start date: mid-January 2010

Interested applicants are kindly requested to submit a cover letter and curriculum vitae to Ms. Phonesavanh Philavanh at , with cc to .

Deadline for the application submission is 7TH January 2011..


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