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 Executive Director
 Saral Services

 Location: Hyderabad
 Last Date: August 31, 2011
 Email: (Reference:


Saral Services is a Not For Profit Society with the mission to make a difference in the lives and livelihoods of disadvantaged people in disadvantaged locations, by enabling agencies and individuals leverage the power of information and communication technologies (ICT) and enhance access to worldwide resources. Saral was launched in 2006, to provide multiple services enabling support to small / medium size enterprises and institutions working in development sector.

The objectives of Saral Services are:
1. Capacity building of agencies supporting disadvantaged people through system development.
2. Research in application of ICT in microfinance, livelihood, education and health.
3. Activate existing ICT infrastructure provided by public and private sector especially targeted for social and rural development.
4. Provide ICT training to rural youth.
5. Enhance quality of education in elementary education in rural and semi urban India.

Saral Servcies is looking for an Executive Director with experience of working with NGOs and with conviction in power of IT to make a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged people, to work towards reducing digital divide. S/he should be result oriented, self-motivated, dynamic, organised, and enthusiastic individual who is interested and has faith in vision and mission of Saral Services ( ), and the spirit to actualise the objectives.

Executive director is expected to achieve the mission of the Institution by setting up annual goals and objectives, developing a specific plan for the same (with clearcut deadlines) under the guidance of the Board and executing the plan after taking the Board's approval. S/he will report to the Board of Directors.

Place of Posting: Hyderabad but the work may require extensive travel.

Job Responsibilities
I. Governance and Strategy
* Coordination with Board; organize meetings and close interaction with member, taking their guidance and advice as and when required
* Giving direction and thrust to Saral's plans
* All statutory compliances applicable
* Building HR systems
* Framing and executing Staff benefit policy
* Project management involving planning, execution and monitoring
* Translate mission statement into work strategy and programs
* Regular review of the current programs and strategies

II. Networking and resource raising
* Preparation of communication materials
* Develop outreach channels
* Deployment of SaralTA trainees
* Setting up monthly targets, action plan and review
* Raising of funds/grants for Saral Services

III. Office administration, finance and accounts
* Overall finance strategic management
* Framing and executing finance policy by incorporating the best financial policies
* Ensure that office is in tune with the purpose and mission of the organization
* Monitor the cash flow month wise

IV. Capacity Building
* Recruitment -screening, interview, final negotiation, issue ofletter of appointment
* Orientation, placement, transfer, promotion, exit
* Training and workshops for staff
* SaralTA management - Training Coordinator
* Building HR systems
* Staff benefits such as PF and ESI
* Leave management

Pay Package
From Rs 35,000 to Rs. 50,000 per month plus incentive on getting new projects.

The above are only indicative numbers. Actual remuneration will be commensurate with the experience and the value candidate brings to the post.

Essential: One Professional Degree - Engineering, MBA, or Masters in Social Work. Excellent communication skills

Desirable: Sufficient exposure to application of ICT in development sector.

Exceptional candidates with passion and drive to compensate for the lack of professional degrees or other criteria will also be considered.

Experience: Minimum requirement of 5 years of supervisory/ management experience


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