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Planning and Financial Management Capacity Building

Terms of Reference 

Job Title:                                Financial Adviser - Decentralisation
Contract No.
Reporting to:                        
Director-General of State Finances
Senior Management Adviser, State Finances
PIU (for contractual and administrative purposes)

Counterpart staff:                
Head of Decentralisation Secretariat
National Director Treasury
National Director Procurement
National Director Asset Management                        

Duration:                               to June 2011 with possibility of an extension

Location:                                Ministry of Finance, Dili – Timor Leste with travel to the Districts

The objectives of the Financial Adviser – Decentralisation are to facilitate the decentralisation of functions and authority from the Ministry of Finance to the Organs of State and to Sub-National Government through the development of policy, strategy, training, monitoring and evaluation for operations in a decentralized framework 

I.          Background 

The Planning and Financial Management Capacity Building Program (PFMCBP) 

The PFMCBP aims to strengthen capacity in the Ministry of Finance for prudent, effective, and accountable planning and management of public finances to promote growth and poverty reduction. It is funded by a grant from the International Development Association and a World Bank administered multi-donor trust fund (with contributions from AusAid, EC, Irish Aid, New Zealand and Norway), the PFMCBP is a five year coordinated program of targeted capacity building in planning and financial management.  The key Government of Timor Leste (GoTL) implementing agency is the Ministry of Finance (MoF), but PFMCBP also includes support for financial management staff in the line ministries and districts. The program comprises five major components, encompassing capacity development in the Directorates-General of State Finances; Revenue and Customs; Policy Analysis and Research; Corporate Services; and effective Program Implementation. 


There are a number of decentralization processes underway within the GoTL at both the National and Sub-National Level.  Major changes include increased delegation of expenditure authority (excluding payment authority) to Organs of State and major changes to procurement framework, particularly in regard to small infrastructure works.  This represents a significant shift in focus for MoF.  Previously the ministry’s workload had been focused on centralized transaction processing (i.e. procurement, centralized FM in the Treasury etc).  Now the Ministry must operate within a more decentralized framework which requires an institutional stance focused on standards setting and oversight.   Alongside this, large scale programs aimed at development at the District Level are devolving more responsibilities to Sub National Levels of Government. 

The Decentralisation Secretariat will be responsible for developing MoF policy and strategy, training, monitoring and evaluation for MoF operations in a decentralized framework.

III.       Objectives of the Assignment 

The objectives of the Financial Adviser – Decentralisation are to facilitate the decentralisation of functions and authority from the MoF to the Organs of State and to Sub-National Government.   The Adviser will develop manuals and guidelines to support this process and ensure appropriate monitoring tools are in place to evaluate compliance.    

The Financial Adviser – Decentralisation will be the counterpart of the Head of the Decentralisation Secretariat and will advise on all decentralisation issues with a special emphasis on the capacity building and training activities for the national staff.  

The Financial Adviser – Decentralisation will also have a co-ordinating role, bringing together all the parties involved with Decentralisation, internally and externally in an operational or capacity building role with the objective to ensure a holistic approach towards developing and implementing sustainable strategies for Decentralisation.


The Adviser will provide both operational support and capacity building to the Decentralisation Secretariat staff as follows: 

1.      Support the Development of Decentralization Plans in the Budget, Procurement, Treasury, Assets, and FMIS Directorates;

2.      Assist in monitoring and evaluating progress against the Decentralization Plans;

3.      Work with National Directorates to design systems, processes and policies to support Decentralization Program;

4.      Take the lead in developing District, Sub District and Suco Financial Management (FM) Guidelines (covering Budget, Treasury, Asset and Procurement functions);

5.      Support training of 29 Organs of State and 13 Districts in decentralized systems, processes and policies;

6.      Assist in the design of monitoring and evaluation tools to measure compliance with  decentralized systems, processes and policies;

7.      Assist in monitoring and Evaluation of PDD and MDG-Suco Programs to ensure compliance with applicable Financial Procedures;

8.      Work collaboratively with the FMIS Directorate to ensure the FMIS is able to respond to needs of Government Decentralization Program;

9.      In conjunction with the Budget Directorate, development of appropriate policy and procedures to encourage the development and execution of budgets at a Sub National Level;

10.  Assist the Budget Director and Head of the Decentralization Secretariat to help develop capacity development plans for staff of the Decentralization Secretariat.

11.  Assist the Head of the Decentralization Secretariat to establish a coordination mechanism with the Ministry of State Administration, line ministries and other relevant stakeholders.

12.  Provide policy advice on issues of Decentralization as they arise; 


·         Within the first four week of the assignment, the Adviser will prepare a detailed Work Plan for the remaining period of the contract based on the objectives of the assignment. This must be approved by the Director General, State Finances prior to implementation. A copy of the Plan must be provided to the Senior Management Adviser (State Finances) and Senior Program Manager PFMCBP.

·         Submission of Quarterly and Annual Work Plan Progress Reports as well as provide subject area inputs into various reports required by the PFMCBP and the Ministry of Finance. These are to be submitted to the Senior Management Adviser (State Finances) and the Senior Program Manager PFMCBP.

·         Decentralization Plans of the Directorates Identified above, identifying key functions to be decentralized, key stakeholders, focal points and key responsibilities with MoF, analysis of risks, and the timetables for Decentralization.

·         District, Sub District and Suco Financial Management (FM) Guidelines (covering Budget, Treasury, Asset and Procurement functions).

·         Training Materials for District, Sub District and Suco Financial Management (FM) Guidelines.

·         Monitoring and evaluation tools to measure the implementation of the decentralized systems, processes and policies.

·         An End of Assignment Report, no later than ten (10) working days before the end of the current contract, summarizing work undertaken against the Work Plan, the degree to which the work has concluded, and a statement of outstanding tasks. End of Assignment Report to be submitted to the Senior Management Adviser (State Finances) and the Senior Program Manager PFMCBP.


V.        Qualifications and Competencies


·         A Professional Accounting Qualification such as a Chartered Accountant (CA) or a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or similar, or a Masters Degree specializing in Accounting or Financial Management

·         A university degree in a relevant discipline such as accounting, commerce, business administration, accounting, audit, or financial management. At least ten (10) years of broad experience in the areas of decentralization of public financial management, functions.

·         Experience in developing policy and procedures manuals, and a good knowledge of risk management.

·         Experience in the design of monitoring and evaluation tools to measure compliance with policies or guidelines

·         Experience in mentoring national counterparts, preparing training manuals and delivering training.

·         Excellent computing skills and proficiency in the Microsoft’s Office package – Excel, Word and PowerPoint

·         Excellent communication skills, both written and oral, and fluent in written and oral English.

·         Experience working in Timor Leste or another developing country is desirable

·         Tetum language skills are desirable 

VI.       Performance Evaluation 

Ongoing performance shall be assessed by the Senior Management Adviser in collaboration with the Senior Program Manager PFMCBP in accordance with the functions and agreed deliverables in the TOR and performance review framework for advisors within the PFMCBP.  There is probation period of three months. 

Application procedure 

Please visit our website at  and go to ‘Employment Opportunity’ to learn about our recruitment process and your application requirements including how to address the Selection Criteria in your application. 

Applications must be sent to our Programme Implementation Officer-PFMCBP at email address,, no later than Sunday 5th December 2010. 

Applications should include a covering letter and a detailed resume of no more than 7 pages. All

Applicants must also complete the Competency Framework Matrix below delineating how they have met the requirements. We do not expect that you would just cut and paste from your resume but rather explain concisely and succinctly how you have met these competences, possibly providing brief examples etc. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.


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