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Financial Compliance Specialist (Indonesian National)

Infrastructure Professionals Enterprise (P) Ltd
Location: Indonesia
Last Date: August 3, 2010
Email: and  (Reference:

About IPE Global
Infrastructure Professionals Enterprise (IPE Global) is a leading international development sector consultancy firm with offices in India, UK and Phillipines. A specialist in providing consulting services for international developmental within sectors like health and nutrition, public sector reform management, economic and fiscal management, governance, urban sector reforms, social and community development, rural development, etc. IPE has been working with International support agencies like ADB, World Bank, DFID, USAID, JBIC, JICA, UNICEF, UNDP, DANIDA, African Capacity Building Foundation-Zimbabwe and GTZ across South Asia, South-East Asia, parts of Africa and Middle East successfully implementing projects in India, Indonesia, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Palestine, Jordan, Ghana, Bhutan, Vietnam and United Kingdom, etc. Our pool of resources with staff strength of over 200 and over 450 experienced professionals bring together from diverse disciplines including health and nutrition experts, environmental experts, information technology experts, sociologists, finance and institutional experts, economists, urban and regional planners, architects and engineers, development experts, accountancy and management experts, information technology experts, sociologists, anthropologists, etc

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Independent Monitoring and Evaluation of Nutrition Improvement through Community Empowerment Project

Programme Description
The Nutrition Improvement through Community Empowerment Project will be supported by advisory technical assistance (TA) designed to ensure effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of the Project. The TA will be help to support overall capacity building for nutrition policy development and evidence-based planning and budgeting for nutrition programs, especially with regard to output 1 (institutional development for nutrition policy, programs, and surveillance) and output 2 (integrated nutrition services)—see Appendix 3 for the project outputs. The proposed TA will ensure that independent monitoring evaluation systems are in place. The active involvement of the Directorate of Community Nutrition and the National Nutrition Research Center (CRDN, Bogor), the Ministry of Health, and local health departments in the project areas in the design of the M&E activities will build capacity at central and local levels.

Impact and Output
The TA aims to develop M&E systems to increase results orientation by helping effective monitoring of the project targets, thus strengthening nutrition and evidence-based planning and budgeting for local nutrition programs. The output of the TA will be strengthened internal and external accountability to help prevent fraud, corruption, misuse of project funds, and delays in project implementation. Key issues of the proposed independent monitoring and evaluation TA will include (i) baseline, midterm, and final project evaluation; (ii) community-based monitoring; (iii) progress and performance monitoring; (iv) financial compliance monitoring; (v) institutional strengthening for sector performance evaluation; and (vi) comprehensive reports (bilingual) for all activities of the Project.

Job Description:
Financial Compliance Specialist (national, 18 person-months, intermittent). The consultant will establish an effective financial management and reporting system and monitor financial controls compliance throughout project implementation. The primary focus will be on the utilization of the CNPs at the village level. The consultant will assist the team leader in the
• Design of the financial controls required for loan funds utilization at all levels of the project taking into account ADB and Government regulations and requirements. Special emphasis will be placed on the financial controls associated with village-level utilization of CNPs and preparation of appropriate guidance manuals and checklists on standards of financial management and compliance.

These manuals should be appropriate for villages to use as reference guides and will include templates for basic book keeping and reporting on CNPs expenditures. Basic guidelines on acceptable procurement procedures will also be included. The specialist will assist the team leader in
• Designing the monitoring system with regard to financial compliance inputs;
• Developing the indicators for monitoring and addressing the quality and standard of outputs of specific activities;
• Developing and pre-testing the instruments in selected provinces, districts and villages and/or CNCS;
• Training financial staff of the CPMU, PPCUS, and DCIUS on monitoring financial management, auditing and reporting;
• Training community facilitators and CNC treasurers responsible to supervise community nutrition empowerment activities; and
• Preparing a checklist of standards of financial management and compliance.

• The consultant will report to Team Leader.

• Master’s in Finance/ Charted accountant/ Financial Economist and any other relevant area.

Key Qualifications:
• A minimum of 15 years of post qualification work experience in financial management, auditing, reporting in nutrition and health projects.
• Should have proven experience in financial compliance and monitoring and knowledge of financial control systems, fund management, etc
• In depth understanding and knowledge of the Child Development and Nutrition sector and should have worked on community health and nutrition programmes.
• Excellent communication and presentation skills, analytical and interpersonal abilities, excellent oral and written communication skills in English and local Indonesian languages
• Computer proficiency with high level of familiarity with data base management programme and commonly used packages like MS Word, Excel, and Power Point etc.
• Previous Experience of working with donor agencies like ADB , DFID, World Bank, etc


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