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Information & Communication Officer 
 Delegation of the European Union to India

 Location: New Delhi
 Last Date: September 9, 2011


                                      VAC/IN/AL/003/2011                            16/08/2011


The Delegation of the European Union to India is recruiting a Communication &Information officer for a position in the Press & Information Section.

Position:                      Communication & Information Officer

Group:                         AL Group II

Section:                       Press & Information Section

Job description:           See annex  (below)

Specifications For AL (Local Staff) Contracts: 

1.         The contract will be an indefinite contract.  

2.         Salary will be set according to the existing salary-grid for AL II in India, and the salary level is depending on the number of years of relevant professional experience that the candidate has.

The monthly salary for a person with 5 years of valid professional experience is expected to be approx INR 59,000.00 (Fifty Nine Thousand) 

3.         Applications MUST comprise of:

-     A cover letter setting out briefly the candidate’s motivation and suitability for the position.

-     A completed CV in the EU standard format

(The EC Standard format can be downloaded from the following web page:  

-     Any pertinent recommendation letter(s) that the candidate may wish to add.  

4.         Applications should be sent to the following address            

            Delegation of the European Union to India

            Human Resources / ADMINISTRATION

65 Golf Links, New Delhi

110003, India  

Or by e-mail to  

clearly stating name of applicant and reference in the subject line. 

The application must arrive in the Delegation no later than 9 September 2011 at 17h00 local time. The application should be clearly marked "VAC/IN/AL/003/2011. 

5.         The candidate selected for recruitment will have, within 10 days after notification, to provide the EU Delegation to India the following documents:

            -     A certified copy of his/her passport or ID-card

            -     Certified copies of documents relating to academic qualifications

            -     Certified copies of documents attesting the professional experience

            -     A Medical certificate of good health

            -     6 passport size photographs  

6.         Candidates who do not have the required qualifications and experience should kindly abstain from applying, as their applications will not be considered. 

7.         The Delegation of the European Union to India is an equal opportunity employer and therefore applications from women would be particularly welcome. 

8.         Candidates must abstain from contacting the Delegation for information on the selection process. Any candidate that in any way tries to influence the Selection Committee will be disqualified immediately.  

9.         Full confidentiality will be assured. 

Human Resources Officer

Delegation of the European Union to India



JOB DESCRIPTION                                                             

Post: Information & Communication Officer in the EU Delegation to India:  

Post No: 1328 

Job title: Information & Communication Officer 

Section: Press & Information Section 

Overall purpose:

The staff member will contribute to the implementation of press and information policy, projects and events as well as products of the Delegation of the European Union to India.  

The Information and Communication officer will be expected to assist the Press and Information section by: 

1.       Implement activities related to projects and events;

2.       Distribute newsletters, information and publications;

3.       Categorise, order, store and distribute publications received from EU HQ and other public and private organisations;

4.       Prepare all operations related to the approval and expenditure of the Press & Information budget;

5.       Obtain quotations for specific requirements of the section;

6.       Facilitate the procedure for purchase orders and payments to contractors and vendors;

7.       Facilitate the dissemination of Press Releases;

8.       Organise logistics for Press Conferences, interviews and other media/visibility events organised by the Delegation;

9.       Continuously review the Delegation website and take all necessary steps to ensure that the content remains informative, accurate and up-to-date.

10.    Respond to request for information from outside the Delegation;

11.    Participate in the preparations of documents for tender evaluation and contracts;

12.    Participate in the preparations of Terms of Reference for outsourced services/products;

13.    Organise the declassification/disposal of surplus and obsolete material; 

More specifically, the incumbent is required to: 

Ø  Facilitate internal communication within the unit as well as outside the service;

Ø  Welcome and inform outside visitors in accordance with security regulations;

Ø  Manage the unit's mailbox / thematic mailboxes (if any) or helpdesk services (if any) and send requested information and documents;

Ø  Initiate, prepare, evaluate and monitor press and media actions;

Ø  Assist the Delegation in devising and executing appropriate information, communication and cultural activities in order to build and maintain awareness of the EU in India and Bhutan;

Ø  Conduct information and cultural activities on the evolution of the EU in general and EU - India relations in particular;

Ø  Organise and participate in information and cultural actions in collaboration with Member States;

Ø  Contribute to the setting-up, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of information, communication and publications strategies;

Ø  Contribute to the drafting of the interim and annual reports of the P&I section;

Ø  Provide operational units with expertise, assistance and complementary resources in the field of information and communication;

Ø  Any other task assigned by the Head of Section/Head of Delegation;

Ø  Draft and edit the Delegation information materials, identifying the subjects to be covered

Ø  Take part in editorial boards

Ø  Coordinate and participate in internal and external networks of information correspondents;

Ø  Produce press releases, press packages and briefings, articles, background papers and other materials needed for media-relations activities;

Ø  Maintain database of media and journalists contacts and professional networks



Education and training:

Ø  University degree (Social Science, Media, Communication, Information, Public relations, Press). 


Ø  Minimum of 3 years of work experience in relevant fields is essential.

Ø  Work experience in information and communication area is a prerequisite. 


Specialist knowledge (know what)

Ø  Full computer literacy (MS Windows, Word, Excel)

Ø  Extensive knowledge of media relations in India is essential.

Ø  Good knowledge and experience of managing budget and procurement will be an asset. 

Technical knowledge (know how)

Ø  Some knowledge of the European Union and/or international relations will be an asset.  


Linguistic skills

Ø  Perfect knowledge of written and spoken English and Hindi.  

Communication skills

Ø  Capacity to communicate clearly, present complex matters in a simple way and draft precisely. 

Interpersonal skills

Ø  Capable of working in a team and open to cultural diversity

Ø  Ability to listen, to consult and to share information and ideas 

Intellectual skills

Ø  Ability to identify information needs and respond with appropriate information sources; analyse key points in verbal and numerical information. 

Management/organisational skills

Ø  Capacity to focus on priorities and organise work to deliver on time

Ø  Ability to work in a multicultural and multilingual environment

Ø  Capacity to monitor progress of work and ability to work with minimum supervision.

Ø  Ability to translate decisions into action.      


Ø  Ability to work under pressure and to respond quickly to new demands,

Ø  Commitment to assure quality, speed and accuracy in performing technical and procedural duties.

Ø  High degree of responsibility in handling projects and events.

Ø  Ability to handle several tasks at the same time by managing time efficiently.

Ø  Be highly motivated and responsible, dedicated and flexible, a team player with very high ethic standards and a well-developed sense of integrity, independence and initiative.

The job may require missions in the country and to Europe


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